7 Tell Tale Signs You Are From Maryland

Even though I love the New England area, and moving up north was one of the best decisions I have ever made, being able to tell people that you are from Maryland is actually pretty great. We show a great deal of pride for our state, and we do so enthusiastically. We have character, and we are usually outspoken. Here is a list of things that if you’re from the DMV area, chances are, you’ll understand most of these little quirks that we have here in Maryland.

1.You own a pair of Maryland flag shorts

Seriously, those brightly colored, busy shorts are a fashion disaster waiting to happen, but still 100% the best possible thing anyone could own in their closet! Bonus: wearing them to a sporting event; you’ve gotta go out and support those Terps!

2. And you aren’t ever afraid to show your Maryland pride

If you grew up in Maryland, spirit shouldn’t be a stranger to you; it’s time to get pumped about sports games, and basically everything that includes showing statewide charisma. You guessed it; Washington Capitals, and Wizards and Baltimore Ravens, and Orioles are a major part of Maryland sport culture. Not only do we love Maryland, but Washington D.C. is right up the road!

3. You season EVERYTHING with Old Bay

Mac and Cheese? Check. Crabs? Definitely. Turkey, chicken, and basically every other food? Of course. It’s not complete if it doesn’t have Old Bay…

4. You even abbreviate the county you live in

Where am I from you may ask? The one and only MO-CO! Which brings us to #5…

5. You refer to the Washington D.C. area as the “DMV”

This is a funny one, because people that don’t live in MD or Virginia never understand why this something people say. One of my friends who goes ECSU and isn’t from the “DMV area,” (See what I did there?) was confused at first because she thought everyone was saying ‘The Department of Motor Vehicles.’ Now we can answer the phone and be like, “Hey, just guess who got back to the DMV area?!”

6. Fresh Fruit is a must when it is in season

Even if you don’t live in Maryland, our farms and orchards are the best for going apple or strawberry picking, especially in the Fall. Make sure you stop at a farm to sip some cider and pick some fruit!

7. You may or may not know about the original state sport

Yep. You guessed it- Jousting. We’ve been rocking the individuality and brilliance since ’62. Not only is jousting uncommon, but it is actually really interesting. I had to do a bit of research, but Jousting is basically mounting a horse, and then fighting with pointy sticks, also known as lances. So, yeah, medieval martial arts on a horse.

I hope my energy and passion towards Maryland has you thinking about how very amazing our state is. I want to emphasize that no matter where in Maryland you are from or live, you should be proud that you come from a lively state that has such charisma. And hey, it isn’t the shorts and the county you live in that make our state special, it’s the people that reside in our state. It is the residents that wear the colors of our flag with pride, and the people from Ocean City, all the way to Rockville. That we are proud of where we come from. That is what matters. Keep being awesome, Marylanders!



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