Here’s Why Self-Love and Acceptance Is So Important

Happy Saturday all!

     Today I was sitting by my computer watching Captain America on Netflix. The action was intense, and team Iron Man was getting creamed. Hawkeye and that robot guy was kicking ass… (Vision?) and so was the Black Widow. If I am 100% honest, one of the thoughts that crossed my mind was, ‘Why can’t I be like Scarlett Johansson?’  See, there are a few problems with that statement. I mean, Scarlett is great; she’s badass in the films, and a feminist and an activist in real life. So why not? The simple answer is: You can be like anyone. But why be anyone but yourself? It’s totally okay to aspire to make a difference, and fight for Civil rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ rights, but I wanted to address this because too many people, including myself, live feeling that if people see “the real you” they’ll go running for the hills.

    The people who turn away from those who don’t care what others think are a***holes. This is 2018, y’all. People can dress the way they want, play sports that they want, and voice their opinions. I cannot stress how there are so many social stigmas around weight, stereotypes and what people think  “perfect man or woman” should be. The unreasonable expectations of how women are supposed to wear makeup, or react in a calmer manner than how a guy might under stress are absurd. If a female gets upset in public, it’s taboo, but a man starts a fight in a food court and it’s more normal? And if a guy starts crying in public, that’s seen as weakness? How does that work? We are all humans with emotions, and these are normal reactions that are looked at as abnormal. I started dribbling a basketball while walking across campus and I got more than a few funny looks…seriously? We all need to start accepting people for who they are.

      We get more jealous of others who are more successful, smarter, or stronger instead of focusing on our accomplishments. We need to be happy for those who are successful, but we also need to love who we are. We should be proud of our goals we have met, and love who we have become over the years. Only then can we let go, and own our individually.

Love, love, love!


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