How To Keep Calm And Power Through (Even Though You May Not Want To)

It’s Tuesday, all! My favorite day of the week…

     As a frequent writer, and the author to The Resilient Girl, I have to figure out fresh ideas for an article every week- which, of course,  means I will have to try new things. This past week, I was experiencing a dreadful case of writers’ block. which did indeed put a hold on publishing this weeks’ article. Nevertheless; I still needed to get typing. Part of how I got started was getting myself out of that hole and motivating myself even though I wasn’t quite back in the zone.  As a person, I love quotes and all of those cheesy,I don’t believe everything happens for a reason. Personally, I think the whole “I went through something and it was totally supposed to because something else wanted it to” way of thinking is crap. I respect other people’s beliefs, but if I am being truly honest, I don’t believe saying that something else caused our problems and the universe wanted it that is the answer. Sometimes bad things happen, and they aren’t always in of our control. Trust me, I know; it sucks. When shit hits the fan, what matters is you power through it. But if there are events that are changing in your life that you can control, take the reins! Get inspired and do whatever you have to in order to get there- because let me tell you, working for something and seeing the end goal is one of the best feelings in the world. When I made my first three pointer ever, I was beyond ecstatic. (Thankfully it wasn’t during a game- I broke out into a happy dance on the court.) I realized if I had quit before I even started, I wouldn’t have that moment.  This also pertains to things WAY beyond basketball- like getting into college. “If you never try, you never know.” Don’t think you can go Ivy League? Then you won’t. But hey, if you’ve got the minimum, go for it! You don’t know unless you give it a shot. It’s tough right now, but trust me, it will get better and soon enough, you’ll be where you want to be.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to dreams, so there isn’t anything stopping you from making them a reality! Sure, most goals take time, effort and work, but in the end, you’ll back and say, ‘I got here. I did this. It was worth it and I am proud.’

Go get em, tiger!

Love always.


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