Here’s Why Growing Up Is Hard

Hey all! Happy Monday!!

Last week, I had an epiphany when I crawled out bed late one morning with a feeling I quite couldn’t describe. You know that moment when you walk out of a building thinking you left your phone somewhere in a store, and it’s actually in your hand? It felt like that kind of a rush- like a piece was missing for a second. Even though the sky was clear, and it was the start of a new day in Massachusetts, I couldn’t l help but realize that I was progressively adult-ing. It hit me like a block of cement- I’m not a little peg in a car lying on a board game. I’m not the kid wishing for adulthood anymore- I am the adult. Ironically, I have taken care of myself for the most part since senior year of high school. Really, the whole nine; knowing transportation in the area, groceries, and maybe writing a few checks.  I got started earlier- and I’ve been here, moving steadily down this road for at least solid year. It’s different- because this is real life.  There a different type of work. Not solving linear geometry problems- figuring out which bus goes north, or which is the best class to sign up for because it will coordinate with the rest of my schedule. It’s certainly harder. Telling you to “live in the moment, do your best” could be one way to end this…but I’m going to relay some advice from someone who has inspired me. It’s going to be hard. They said that today would be the hardest of our days- our teachers and mentors were right. But right now is not only the hardest, it is the best. We are in college, or in a place where learning new things, and the way we act will determine who we’ll be. What we will do- What the rest of our lives will look like.

So yes, I am an adult- figuring out what the hell I want to do. My summer classes don’t start until June- so I am applying for jobs- working on making myself better. Trying to practice French because I’ll never know when I may need it.  So, yes. My life will get harder- yours will too. Once we graduate, we don’t have anyone to fall back on. Finding jobs, apartments- finding ourselves. It’s us against the world.

Let’s show em’ our best- taking tomorrow by storm.

But don’t forget to live it up- always.



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