Five Things I Want To Do This Autumn

Happy National Shrimp Day all!

As a New Englander who loves seafood, this is the perfect intro to a crazy holiday…as well as summer going into Fall! Here’s to creating bucket lists, going to the beach, and sipping those yummy Pinā Coladas’ and Daiquiris!  As for me, I have created the ultimate list for some fun things I hope to do this fall…besides keeping my grades up!

  1. Go to a Bonfire Party

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of Rock and Roll music AND parties. The king of partying, Andrew W.K., may have me beat by a few years and even more venues, but that won’t stop me from attending a bonfire! Better get those matches, s’mores and that whiskey…(P.S: What happens at the bonfire, stays at the bonfire.)

2.   Go Paint-Balling

OK, this one I might actually have trouble finding friends that actually want to join in, but I have never actually gone and I do think it would be great outdoor activity– especially to kick off the school year..minus the possible welts and bruises on my legs!

3. Take Some Really Great Landscape Photos

There’s a kind of rush you get from taking a great photo. Maybe it’s the fact that you stood there to document it, or that the view of the sky that day is seared your brain forever. The beach and forests are my favorite, even if it’s cloudy, For real: the ‘scapes deserve to be captured on camera!

4. Learn a Bit of a Lew Language

Since I wasn’t able to go international during summer break, and I’ll be stuck on campus for classes, I thought I’d learn and pursue something strictly because I wanted to. I’ve been working on my French, but I really have always wanted to be able to speak Arabic. Learning some basic phrases on my own time might be a great way to pass some time!

5.  Write/ tell a story worth remembering.

I’ve got my blog I’ve started, and I’ll keep working at it,  but there’s always stories that need to be told. I want to find something great to tell the world. Maybe an expose, or somethings simple that has turned into a complicated one. Let me know if you’ve got ideas, or if there’s a story you think is worth telling!

Whether it be dancing in the middle of nowhere, hiking to the summit of a cliff, or floating around in the Atlantic with a giant grin on my face, I want to make the rest of this year amazing. I’m a big fan of the unforgettable- so here’s to making the Autumn of 2018 the best that we can.

Hope everyone has a great rest to their summer and Fall!


Love always,


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