Here’s Three of My BIGGEST Pet Peeves…

Happy Saturday all!

This past week has been a bit stressful, especially because I had my summer mid-term to take. I personally hate tests, and just the idea of having to take one gets on my nerves. I thought this would be a fun article to write about, so here’s a listicle (my new favorite word!) of a few things that annoy me:


  1. Calling the bank:

FOR REAL.  I hate, and despise dialing up the support line with a fiery passion. I’m sure you all can relate- being placed on hold while customer support figures out why your ATM card is malfunctioning is one of the most annoying things in the world.

Also, there’s been more than one occasion when I haven’t been the most pleasant person on the other end of the call… “What do you mean I’m locked out of my debit account? I’m not traveling! I f****ing live in Massachusetts!”

2. When a Restaurant Doesn’t Deliver:

You know that feeling when you’re just really craving a burrito? (Or insert favorite food here.) You want Chipotle- no- you need Chipotle. It is a necessary good in the world- it’s…heaven.

And then you remember. You are a poor college student without a car.  Eh, maybe next week…

3. PEAS.

I don’t even know why this is true for me- but I have always had a personal vendetta against this poor excuse for a vegetable. Really, tomatoes should take their place….nonetheless, they keep putting peas in my Ramen, so I think I’ll write a strongly worded letter to the ramen company. Or I’ll keep slowly picking them out of the bowl of noodles. Ew….

Yeah, there’s plenty more, and I’m one stubborn person- so I’ll leave it to you to decide which is the worst.

What are your biggest pet peeves?

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Love always,

Molly Catherine ❤


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