Here’s Where I’m Planning To Go This Fall

Happy Wednesday people!

I’m really pumped for this new semester- as well as the new year approaching! As y’all know, I’ve always had the ‘travel bug’. A bad case of wanderlust, whatever you want to call it. As a writer, I’ve got a million places I want to go and visit- and much to my dismay, I’ve never even left the country.

I named my blog The Resilient Girl, so I thought I’d make a few trips by myself to places I haven’t been before! And hey, I may be a poor college student with three more years to go, but I’ve got some great ideas, and big plans for the future. What else is a travel writer to do?

Sometime in the coming months, I’m traveling to Cleveland, Ohio! My brother and I were going to go together, but we never found the time.

I’m going to spend the weekend there, and hit a few tourist attractions, like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! There’s plenty to be explored, and I’ll be sure to post some photos, and write up a fresh article.

Honestly, I can’t wait…It’s been too long since I’ve gone on the road.

All my love,



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