Why I Don’t Want to Stay Out of Politics

Hey all! Happy Saturday (more like early Sunday morning!)

I wanted to share some of my opinions on the one dreaded topic that no one wants to actually discuss: Politics. Don’t worry, I won’t debate you too much; at least not right now!

People obviously don’t like to argue with their friends, and because we are all unique individuals, we have our own set of opinions on the world. We don’t necessarily agree with people we know, and sometimes even our families. I find spending time with people who have different opinions and views really amazing because I can see another person’s perspective. Sometime last semester, I was sitting with a group of friends and someone brought up the topic of abortions.

Calm yourselves, I know it seems like a cringe worthy subject involving shouting and a disastrous lunch room fight, but that is exactly the opposite of what happened. They shared their sides on why they supported being Pro Life, and I made my case on why I was Pro Life. I do admit I got a little too passionate at a point. (“Molly, lower your voice, this isn’t the Iowa Caucus!”) Pardon my terrible pun- but still! I love how I can discuss matters like abortion rights, the environment, and international conflicts with people I respect.
I may not agree with everyone, but my friends are people that I know are good people, and ones that are hard-working individuals. I do respect them as people, so respect their

When we had to head to class, we said, “Alright, later!” And it wasn’t like our debate just didn’t happen. It didn’t affect us in a negative way, though. It was so good to talk like that- Not only was I glad to see my friends, be friends with different people, but I was also glad to be motivated by them. We feel and think certain things? We can do something about it.

I don’t want to hide, or stay silent. Being opinionated is more important than ever today! So we can advocate for what we want, and need. As people, a country, and a society. Do better, and be better- be our best. We can have a career in politics if we want, or a field where we can make a difference.

Where we can change the things we care about. What are some political matters you feel strongly about? Comment below!

Love always,


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