Why It’s OK to Do Your Own Thing

My parents and I aren’t close.

Maybe it’s a little more than random people should know about me, but it is the truth. I have always wanted them to look me and see someone they were proud of, and someone that I could measure up to. That was always hard. I felt like I had to make certain decisions that would make them proud, but in the process, I was completely disregarding myself.  I don’t want to make choices for anyone else but me- because otherwise, who am I living for? There is so much pressure nowadays to make a living to support someone, or be something else- but who are you if you aren’t yourself? If one person can’t show up for you, find someone who can. Over the course of my college career I have struggled to gain independence, and it hasn’t been easy. I moved to another state, and lost some people I really cared about in the process. However, if these people really wanted what was best for me, they would have supported and trusted that I could make a big change and prosper from that.

The point is, you make your life. Not your parents, and not your siblings, most certainly not your friends. If it weren’t for my friends, who have always supported and been there in times of need, I wouldn’t be the same as I am. I am lucky I have supportive people in my life, and I am proud of who I have become.  You should make choices for yourself, not other people.

2020 has been stressful. Coronavirus, school, work, and everything else we have been dealing with in our lives. Take a breather, or a chance- but live because you deserve it.

Love always.

Molly Catherine ❤

One thought on “Why It’s OK to Do Your Own Thing

  1. Good post… Since we got to live with our consequences, whether good or bad that come from our actions or lack there of in life…. even though we should be open to hearing the opinion of other people we trust, it’s important to do what you feel is best for you at that time.

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