So You’re a Procrastinator? Here’s How to Fix It.

You heard me correctly- procrastination. Right now, I have a 12 page paper and what am I doing?

Writing something else. This is a bad habit of mine, and one I certainly am not proud of- I have one thing to, and I’ll end up doing something totally un-important- only writing, to me is not unimportant. This is more interesting! Although it doesn’t change the fact that I have a million and one other things to do, it does say that motivation is a funny thing. I can bang out thirty pages of poetry if I am feeling inspired, but one page on a sociology final? Not a chance.

So how can we improve our work ethic and channel our energy toward things we love and accomplish what we need to?

One word. Balance. Don’t give up what you love, or skip all of your favorite TV shows- watch an episode and then make a list of ideas for your assignment. Do an article or write about what you want, then channel that energy toward what you REALLY need to get done. (I should take my own advice.)

So are you motivated? Procrastinating, maybe both?

Don’t give up what you love, add in into your schedule. Keep it up.

Love always,

Molly Catherine

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