About the Author

Hey all!

I’m Molly Catherine, founder of The Resilient Girl. I’m a big fan of writing, (obviously) reading, anything involving classic rock, and arguing and debating with people. Er…politics. I started this blog so I can share some of my experiences, and give advice on miscellaneous subjects. I’m passionate about trying to be better than I was yesterday, and living life to the fullest.

But do you want to hear a secret?

I was terrified about starting a blog.

So I shake. I tremble trying to think of a way to get the words onto the computer feeling empowered.  Sharing an experience is supposed to make one feel good about themselves. Yet vulnerable. Unfortunately, “safe” doesn’t tell a story. It doesn’t change the world.  

     I want to share my story, and my experiences with the world.  I need give my perspective about everything, even experiences I haven’t gone through.  I hesitated on starting this blog because actually writing meant hitting the keys. Typing meant telling people my opinion, and leaving myself vulnerable. Maybe an experience from the past would inspire me. It’s like overturning soil in a garden. Uprooting and digging at something that has stayed buried for eons. If I poke at it, I’ll have to think about all of the horrible stuff.  And yeah, the ‘horrible stuff’ sucks ass. There’s no way around that expression.  

The important thing is that we also look at what is good in our lives, and what was good, too. It is important to try and make what is going on in our lives right now better- make it the best. To preface this entire blog of experiences, here’s my first piece of advice on how to do better than we did yesterday: be brave. Don’t let fear stop you from doing something that you love, because life is way too short to be unhappy. Live life to the absolute fullest. Here’s to living the best lives we can!

All my love,