Three Movies Worth Watching this February

Hey all. It’s been a hell of a week, and I’ve been absent on this blog for a few months now. More than a few. So today, I made time in between my online classes to make a listicle- about some great films I have seen lately. And because I KNOW most people don’t like to read a ton of content, (A grand overgeneralization) I will keep this one brief. In addition, I’ll do a rating. Enjoy!

  1. Remember Me

An obscure independent romantic drama, Starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin, while this is a movie which always makes me cry, I love how original it is. This movie deals with a ton of trauma and especially with it’s twist ending. This movie initially got bad reviews because of how intense and more specifically, what happens at the end, and I really don’t want to give too much away, but for the sake of this article, and disclaimers, it involves 9/11. Fair warning, but definitely a film worth seeing. I loved how unique this film was, and the supporting characters were great, so I rated it a 7/10. So why not give it a shot!?

MC’s Rating: 7/10

2. The F Word/ What If

This is great movie, funny, and a comic relief to turn a crazy stressful week into a laughable weekend. Daniel Radcliffe is a med school drop out in this one, and subsequently crushing on a girl who has a boyfriend. His attempt to remain friends is a whirlwind drama and really takes the cake if you are looking for that type of funny absurdity. This is my favorite romance/comedy of all time, so naturally I have given it a 9/10. A definite must see.

MC’s Rating: 9/10

3. Love and Monsters:

Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind…That’s the first thing that comes to my mind (see what I did there?) about this action packed romance. It starts out with Dylan O’Brien, who is stuck in an underground bunker after monsters take over the globe. (I assume they take over the globe, but it focuses on the US.) Anyway, he trecks through the jungle looking for his long lost love. Super cute, the ending was a tad cheesy, hence the 6.5, but hey, not every good movie needs to be deep. I thought the acting was really good, and I’d watch it for a fun night littered with popcorn and cozy blankets!

MC’s Rating: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. In my case my cat Iris and I, will be celebrating Galentine’s day. XO, and stay safe,

Molly Catherine


5 Goals for This Semester:

Hi All!

M. Catherine here, Classes for the fall have officially started- and I am HELLA stressed!

Let me know what your goals are for this semester, or if you aren’t in school, then what about the coming months? What’s on your bucket list?=

So I still haven’t exactly met my travel goals, but I have made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the next few months:

  1. Keep my grades up. For me, I’m going to get real and say that college is so much harder than high school. Keeping your grades up means constantly revisiting old essays to see how you can improve, communicating with your professors, and keeping track of your syllabus. I love my school, but UMass is WAY harder than my other college was before I transferred.
  2. Work hard while still in quarantine. This is going to be a tricky one, because I am used to having at least a few in person classes. Only 2 of mine were online last semester. Which brings me to #3….
  3. Keep a schedule AND A GAME PLAN. Which is harder than it sounds. I am spontaneous, and tend to do homework when I am inspired (kind of like my writing for this blog) So keeping a schedule and sticking to it is going to be tough.
  4. Remember to take a break when I need it and have a little (or a lot) of fun 🙂 I like to finish papers when I start them, and when it is a ten or fifteen page term paper requiring ample research, that isn’t always possible. A technique one of my professors gave me was to schedule “writing sessions,” and no matter how much you dread the research, or even the writing, take this time to give the assignment your all. Even I need to take some time and seriously think about what I am going to write. I have demonstrated below with a meme:

5. Actually do something you LOVE besides school. I hate doing homework, and I admit it. But here’s the secret: even if your goals for the are the most important thing on your list, you need to keep it real and actually do something you love. I am going to attempt to post a little more here so I can improve my writing and hopefully stay sane this semester. I wish everyone the best of luck!

Love always,

Molly Catherine


Why EVERYONE Should Be Supporting Black Lives Matter Right Now


En lieu of recent events, specifically the murder of George Floyd, this is a time where we as a country need to evaluate how people are being treated and what is being done to prevent police brutality, and racism. George Floyd is the most recent horrific but not the certainly not the first African American to be killed because of the color of his or her skin.

“I know that I will never understand, however, I stand.”  I see these quotes every day on Instagram, and I am very glad people are raising awareness as these quotes cannot be more true. White privilege is real, and I will never know what it is like for a black man or woman to live in this country, or what an encounter with the police would look like. Even an individual who is completely innocent, has not committed a crime faces extreme biases. More should be done to combat false bias and how we are treating people in our society today.

What happened to George Floyd is not okay.

What happened to Brianna Taylor is not okay.

What is happening right now is not okay.




Why Do We Sleep With People That Treat Us Poorly? Here’s a Theory.

Hey all!

Right now, it’s about 11AM, and I am halfway through my term paper, and The Holiday with Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. I stopped to write this down, and answer the question above, Why do we pick people that treat us poorly?

A million movies have characters that try to answer this question, and overall, I still seem to come up blank.

In ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ we see Sam with a guy named Craig, who fluffs his own ego with stories from college and talking down to Sam. Her stepbrother Patrick goes, “Don’t make yourself small.” Maybe Sam was doing what she thought Maybe when we like someone, we don’t know how to act. Although, I still love Mr. Andersons answer, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” (This is one of the best quotes ever, in my opinion.) So sometimes, we do things to impress people, or maybe act a certain way, but I think sometimes we have to meet the wrong people to meet the right ones.

If someone says, “You should change this about yourself, ” We know that’s not right. A person who loves you should never tell you to change, and while everyone  does little things we don’t always love, we accept that person anyway.  If someone says to change who you are, I really hope your response will be: SCREW YOU.

We should not accept less than we deserve, as love is limitless- that is- when we lose the judgements, and love each other without picking at the little things.

So let’s love people who love us, and accept them without limits. Love always,

Molly Catherine


Work Cited: Perks of Being a Wallflower, Last Holiday (2006)



What It Was Like Having COVID- 19; Day By Day Symptoms:

Hey all,


So on a more serious note, about three weeks ago I was feeling pretty crappy, and went over to the hospital to get a test for COVID 19. I received a call the next day, saying I had tested positive for the virus, and it really shook me. While I am feeling much better now, and have fully recovered I thought I would channel my energy into writing about how I felt from day to day, and how this effected my life.

Pre- Exposure:

So my roommate was sick with a low grade fever, and a cough. He said it was ‘no big deal,’ and while normally it would not be, we are clearly in the middle of a pandemic. Many people who have tested positive with COVID have shown no symptoms whatsoever, and I wanted to take precautions.

Day One:

I kept my distance,  went about my own business, yet a week later I ended up in bed with aches and chills, and a fever plus a cough. This lasted about three days before

Day Two:

My aches worsened, but my fever thankfully did not last very long. I ended up sleeping a ton, and ordering soup 🙂

Day Three

My fever soon went away. However, I still had aches, a cough and felt very sluggish and did not want to leave my bed. I would get tired walking up my steps to my apartment, and my legs felt like I had just finished an intense workout. It took me a few moments to catch my breath. This lasted for several more days before I decided to get tested.

The hospital confirmed my case was ‘mild’, and I was sent home the next day. At this point, it felt tiring to lift my arms, and I was completely worn out.

I am feeling better, and trying to get back into the swing of things. I hope those with COVID are beginning to recover while those who are not sick are staying safe.

Love always,

Molly Catherine


So You’re a Procrastinator? Here’s How to Fix It.

You heard me correctly- procrastination. Right now, I have a 12 page paper and what am I doing?

Writing something else. This is a bad habit of mine, and one I certainly am not proud of- I have one thing to, and I’ll end up doing something totally un-important- only writing, to me is not unimportant. This is more interesting! Although it doesn’t change the fact that I have a million and one other things to do, it does say that motivation is a funny thing. I can bang out thirty pages of poetry if I am feeling inspired, but one page on a sociology final? Not a chance.

So how can we improve our work ethic and channel our energy toward things we love and accomplish what we need to?

One word. Balance. Don’t give up what you love, or skip all of your favorite TV shows- watch an episode and then make a list of ideas for your assignment. Do an article or write about what you want, then channel that energy toward what you REALLY need to get done. (I should take my own advice.)

So are you motivated? Procrastinating, maybe both?

Don’t give up what you love, add in into your schedule. Keep it up.

Love always,

Molly Catherine


How to Live Life to the Ultimate Boldest & Fullest

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I was supposed to publish this a particular article a long while ago.Coronavirus has taken a toll on us all, even those who aren’t sick.

Sometimes, you have to live regardless of what is going on in the world. However, traveling during a pandemic isn’t really smart so much as impulsive… “living boldly” when you could get sick could only get you hurt. However, living life to the fullest doesn’t always mean hiking every mountain to its peak. Sometimes, it means taking a step back, smelling the coffee and spending some time thinking about you. Your decisions, life, relationships, and maybe what you want to do in the future.

How we deal with relationships is important, but when disaster strikes, being with those we care about becomes even more important.

If you have friend who needs someone to talk to, lend an ear! Be someone your other friends can turn to, and potentially even have a conversation about what could be bothering you (besides coronavirus) We’ve all got stress right now, and staying in with family is great, but when your around them 24/7, it can be hard to balance relationships and get alone time. It’s not a bad thing to take a step back when you need it most, and just click on the TV and simply chill. So relax! Spend time with your dog, cat, sibling, or spend time alone. It is up to you.

Overall, try to think about the most important parts of your life, and what you care about. This could be different for everyone, and that’s okay.

One positive thing about quarantine is we have all of this time to kick back and just sit around, which means if we try we can be productive, we can! Start a business, learn a language or catch up on homework, do anything you want- but now we actually have time to decide how we spend our time which can be worthwhile.

Stay safe, and keep doing you.

Love always,

Molly Catherine


5 Things to do While in Quarantine

Hey all, so I am certain by now you have all heard about the COVID- 19 pandemic and are for sure beyond bored or looking for something to do. Me? I have WAY too much homework to the point I want to do anything else. Right now, this is me doing something else. Also, here’s five things you could do to stay sane while at home:

  1. Create a new playlist.  I get a lot of hate for not using Spotify, but even if you have Apple Music, take some time and look for some songs to add some moods to your day. Trust me, it’ll save you from being locked up with an annoying sibling.
  2. Spend time with your pet. I wish I had a dog, but for those of you who do have a furry friend I would recommend you go give them a hug. Netflix and chill is great, but when your dog looks up at you sadly because you’ve been home a week and have loved the TV, Doritos and your mattress more than him, well, it may be time to give some love.
  3. Start a business. I have some very motivated friends, who actually gave me this idea! We’re sitting around, and basically have all of this time on our hands, so why not do something productive?
  4. Take a bubble bath. This one I really might actually be for real on, as that is exactly what I am doing tonight.  Relax and stay healthy and chill in the best way possible! (Bubbles are optional.)
  5. Face-time some friends. I had a face time reunion with some close friends I haven’t seen in a while. It honestly felt so good to just catch up and hear where they have been and how QT has been treating them. We’re all bored, so why not be bored together?

Overall, I’d say you now have five new things to do, or six, which would be to check out some more articles I wrote 🙂 Or go to sleep. Because that’s what I am going to do.


– Molly Catherine

My 2020 Bucket List

Hey everyone!

I know my latest is more than a bit ‘late’, but somehow I am still psyched to share my thoughts on what is important to me this year. It has been a wild ride, and the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t help Also, I will be adding a new section, Health, where you can read my article, “5 Things To Do While in Quarantine.”  But for now, here’s my bucket list:


  1. Start the year off in Boston, while spending new years with friends
  2. Get my GPA up, and keep it up. (This one is a work in progress, and so far successful!)
  3. Go to a concert in House of Blues Boston
  4. Go to a Basketball game (Thanks Coronavirus.)
  5. Declare my minor, and major
  6. Take an elective I really like
  7. Take a risk with my relationships
  8. Keep up with basketball, even though I don’t play on a team anymore.
  9. And most importantly, work on doing the best I can with everything!

I have plenty more, but for now I hope you get see that sometimes what is important doesn’t have to be solely school related. I have so many friends that are constantly “I can’t, I have school,’ or “that’s too much, I’m can’t go do X.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping up with homework, believe me,  sometimes doing what you love in a way that isn’t scripted makes you more creative, and better because of those spontaneous choices. They make you human, and might just help you be more creative in the workplace. Don’t fear the occasional night out, because just maybe, you might have a little fun. Cheers!

Quick Note: I hope everyone is staying safe due to the COVID- 19 spreading and not too bored, but stay safe and remember to stay home and keep a distance to stay healthy. That’s all folks!

Love always,

Molly Catherine

Why I am Back at Writing!

Hey all!

So it’s been a year since I have written anything on my blog, and I figured that it was time that I had for a number of reasons. I haven’t felt the passion or “the flow” that most writers feel when they’re on a roll. I am passionate about writing, but how do you get that feeling of empowerment to return when all you feel is the stress of school, work, and everything else is around you?

See? It’s not so simple. I know for a fact that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to, but saying so is way easier said than done, So some experiences I have found to be inherently negative, have found a way to loop back around and show me the positive side of a situation. When I write, I can find the perfect was to summarize a series of events. And I love it! But for a while, I didn’t.

How I got back on track: Sometimes, it is necessary to take a breather and do something that you love. I didn’t stop writing per se, but I had so much academic writing that it got in the way of doing the kind of writing I really loved!

So sit back, relax, and make the day yours. One day off can really end up surprising you.

Love Always,