What I Completed From My Fall Bucket List 2.0

Hey all, are you ready for finals?!

Yesterday, I was freaking out over whether I’d be able to finish all of my assignments in time. The fact that I am typing up opinionated articles onto my blog probably isn’t the best sign…just kidding! I’m pretty certain I’m going to be okay, as my first final exams went really well. That gives me time to write a bit about the future….

This past semester I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and surprisingly, I crossed a lot of these things off of my list.

To name a few:

  1. Meet 15 new people (at the least)
  2. Do something brave
  3. Take a spontaneous trip
  4. Take 18 credits
  5.  Make a 3.8 GPA

Okay, I’ll be honest, I did NOT make #5. I’ll be lucky if I can keep mine up as I originally went for 21 credits… But for some reason, I’m not worried. I feel I have accomplished a lot- and discovered new things about myself. Since my college is 2 hours from the city, I took a bus and overnighted  with a few of my friends- it was the best spontaneous, amazing trip I could’ve planned. It was the highlight of the semester- one I wouldn’t forget.

This semester has been crazy, and I have accomplished a ton. I am proud of myself, and everyone should be proud of themselves for being so resilient throughout this semester! Keep it up if you’re still in finals, and congrats to those who are done!

Have an awesome winter break, and stay resilient!

Love always,

Molly Catherine ❤


When things don’t go your way…

Two weeks ago, I received some unsettling news. The college I attend to is being shut down. In other words, absorbed. That’s right. Mount Ida College will cease to exist. The University of Massachusetts is buying us. When I say ‘us’ , I mean Mount Ida as a family. I may have only transferred in about eight weeks ago, but the amazing people I have met, students and faculty, will stay with me throughout my life. I’m not terribly distraught so far, except moving my dorm yet again. Okay, I’m a bit more than annoyed. Fortunately, I’m not livid…anymore. At first, I was furious that the college didn’t see the situation coming in the future. How could they not realize they accumulated all of that debt? I really feel for my friends who were in the programs like Vet Technology, Dental Hygiene. They’ve taken classes for their program that likely won’t count anywhere else. They have to find other schools specifically to their major. They have to pick up and move again. On We cannot finish our degree where we started it. That’s what really sucks.

Looking on the bright side, I am an English major. I can major in English, or writing just about anywhere. The point is, we are all in the same boat. Part of me does not want to immediately start my sophomore year in the Fall. I want to travel, and see the world. I know that many of my friends and mentors will tell me that ‘the world will always be there, but hey, so will college. UMass isn’t closing anytime soon; neither are the other schools that I applied to. My grades this semester were way better than I expected-  and if I did travel, I could always re-apply to college later. I could walk out the doors of my dorm and buy a bus ticket to nowhere. One that goes anywhere.

But I won’t.

I made a promise to myself that if I wasn’t happy, I would change my life until I was. That I would make my own future. Somehow, I do think continuing with college will help me in the future. I actually transferred to Mount Ida six months ago, which is another reason I had so much trouble adjusting to this situation. The school I attended before made me miserable. For real. I hated where I was so much that I withdrew before I applied other places for the Spring semester. I created a plan for myself in a hotel room in the boonies of Frederick. After numerous boxes of pizza and Chinese food, I booked a flight to Massachusetts. I began applying to schools with the help of an beloved family friend. I then began another chapter in my life. I moved my things onto the scenic campus. In that moment, I had loved college for the first time when I flew up to Massachusetts. It was extraordinary.  Although I blew my savings on a hotel in the middle of nowhere, it got me to where I wanted to be. I wouldn’t take it back or trade it- I am proud that I found a way to be happy. So this is my promise to myself as of now:

I’ll stay a semester at UMass. If I hate it, I will leave. I find my way to where I want to be. I did it before, and I can do it again.

Well. Here’s to the best of a new semester. May it be all as exhilarating I hope it will.


Welcome to my Blog!

Hey all! I’m Molly Catherine, founder of The Resilient Girl. I’m a big fan of writing, (obviously) reading, anything involving classic rock, and arguing and debating with people. Er…politics. I started this blog so I can share some of my experiences, and give advice on miscellaneous subjects. I’m passionate about trying to be better than I was yesterday, and living life to the fullest. But do you want to hear a secret?

I was terrified about starting a blog.

So I shake. I tremble trying to think of a way to get the words onto the computer feeling empowered. This is the hardest story I have ever had to write; my own. Sharing an experience is supposed to make one feel good about themselves. Yet vulnerable. As humans, we don’t really like to be vulnerable. That is a complete understatement. It’s weird; I’d rather have a million people I don’t know read this then give it to my best friend for proofreading. I watched a TED talks about how feeling exposed is like well, being naked in public. It is against every single instinct our bodies. We really want to cover up. We want to go back to that hole. The hole that is warm and safe; the place that has a shield of comfort, and maybe even Netflix. Unfortunately, “safe” doesn’t tell a story. It doesn’t change the world.  

I want to share my story, and my experiences with the world. The story that is my life.  I hesitated on writing this because actually writing meant hitting the keys. Hitting meant telling people what went wrong, and when. Leaving myself vulnerable. Everything in the past would be brought up. It’s like overturning soil in a garden. Uprooting and digging at something that has stayed buried for eons. If I poke at it, I’ll have to think about all of the horrible stuff.  And yeah, the ‘horrible stuff’ sucks ass. There’s no way around that expression. The important thing is that we also look at what is good in our lives, and what was good, too. So as preface to this entire blog of experiences, and how to do better than we did yesterday: be brave. Don’t let fear stop you from doing something that you love, because life is way too short to be unhappy. Here’s to living the best lives we can!

All my love,


“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobspost