4 Things That I Didn’t Expect About Adulthood

Hey all! Happy Friday- I bet everyone is BEYOND ecstatic to get out of classes and sleep in, relax, and have fun. I’ll mostly be doing schoolwork, and sleeping (thankfully!) and if I’m lucky, I may be able to squeeze in an episode or two of Supernatural…

Anyway, I’d thought I’d make a post about what it feels like to be a college student, and more importantly, what it feels like to be an adult. I wish I could tell you I didn’t feel any different, but in some aspects, I really do. These may be true for you, or maybe it is completely different.

  1. You have more obligations, and feel the need to commit:

OK, since I started college, I’ve had a ton of different assignments ranging from creative essays to projects that require a ton of prior planning. As I’ve had to organize all of the due dates, and outlines, I realized that I had gotten way better at keeping track of my files, and assignments. I was honestly a bit of a mess in high school…really. I needed a file cabinet…desperately. Thank god there’s a Staples near campus!

2. The homework in college isn’t rocket science. There’s just…more.

I thought when I stepped into my first college classroom, I thought writing essays and mathematical equations would suddenly turn into problems I couldn’t solve. I was thinking complicated, stressful and unimaginable types of work that I would have to work hours on end to solve. When you get to college, the homework isn’t a million times harder (Unless you’re actually majoring in Rocket Science or Engineering.) it just accumulates faster.  The due dates are spaced out, but turning assignments in on time is a lot more crucial. Plus, exams count for a high percent of your grade…unfortunately.

3. There’s less time for the “fun stuff.”

As I said, there is work to do for class, so not only is it amazing I am actually still trying to keep up with this blog, but it’s kind of a bummer that I don’t have time for other activities I want to do. I love being able to plan my day, but I still have schoolwork and other jobs I am required to do unfortunately.

4. Surprisingly, I didn’t realize how much more I am much more in control of the ‘little things.”

This is one of the best feelings, despite all of the weight being put on us young adults to make the right decisions. There’s no, “Hey mom, can I go out this Friday?” Here’s my cliche: ‘Ya’ just do it!’ A few months into my first semester of college I wanted to dye my hair a few shades darker, (No pun intended. Just no.) and for a second I was like, “Oh wait, my mother said-” Nope, wrong! I laughed so hard at myself for forgetting that I was an actual adult. I mean, I was responsible for paying for the color, but ultimately the choice was mine to go through with it. (You may notice that I had helicopter parents.)

Whether you spontaneously buy a motorcycle, or leave for a 10 month backpacking across Europe, these major and minor decisions are all up to you.

As a kid, people always told me that being an adult was overrated; and quite frankly, it TOTALLY isn’t! We now have the chance to amazing things with our lives. We can travel, make mistakes and get stuck in random skeevy places on accident, and discover that maybe we aren’t as observant as we had thought. Good and bad things happen to everyone. Even though the responsibility is on us, that’s also a really great thing. Now, when we do something great, it won’t be added to our high school resume.

It will finally be classified as life experience. Our life experience.

So make it count, and give em’ Hell.




5 Ways To Be More Confident

Hey all!

I had taken a break from blogging for a bit to bring back my focus, but I’m back! Today’s blog post was inspired by my looking at old photos from high school. Honestly, at my first glance at a few photos from basketball, and moments with friends had me staying “Oh my god. I look terrible!” I mean, isn’t that what every girl says at least of the time?  Looking back, I realize that I was really hard on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every one of those moments, but some of them that I look at now make me think that I would have had a very different opinion back then. So isn’t that what everyone needs? More self confidence? Here’s a listicle (my new favorite word) on how to make that happen.


    You know it, I know it, even your cousins’ boyfriend knows it. We all do it. We judge photos of ourselves down to the pixel on the screen. If it’s less than perfect, we snap another picture. We do so over and over again until we finally get one that we are satisfied with- or our fingers are frozen from the snowy background. I cannot say how many times my friends and I have gone through the “OMG. I look so fat. This is awful.” Not only do we look at ourselves like Regina George is standing beside us, but most of us lack the ability to even say ‘Hey, I look good- ‘ which is really kind of sad.  It’s not narcissistic to be confident. Plus, it was you on the cover of Fashion Weekly last winter, wasn’t it? Be proud of that!

  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Call Someone Out On Their Bullshit:

    People make derogatory remarks, or passive comments and a lot of the time we choose to ignore it. Not starting a fight is smart, and I am definitely not saying go punch or yell at your BFF because they suggested you add a necklace to your outfit, But when someone makes a comment about something you are passionate about, it is always okay to calmly confront the situation. Even if you hear a rumor, go straight to the source. Something like a, “Hey, I heard you said XYZ yesterday. What did you mean by that?” Standing up for yourself and what you believe in is never a problem, and should be done more often.

  3. Start Taking More Risks:

    A great step to improving yourself esteem and confidence is to get out of your comfort zone every now and again! Whether it be facing your fear to get on a looping roller coaster, or asking that hottie out for coffee, you’ll find it refreshing to do something you normally wouldn’t. Even if you end up screaming after both, you still tried!

     4.  Reflect Often, But Not Too Often:

It’s always great to take a few minutes to think back on mistakes and see how we can improve, but if you overthink the little details, you’ll start to be fearful of things you know you can do easily! Stay in the moment, and smile often; don’t let life pass you by!


     5.  Always Strive To Be Your Best Self!

Oscar Wilde had it right- Everyone else is taken- we need to be proud of who we are and we people we have become. We live and make mistakes, and try our best to succeed and accomplish our dreams. Always be proud of how much you have changed; and keep changing! I’ll admit I hate the general idea of change, but without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Keep on going, and always love who you are!





Here’s Why Growing Up Is Hard

Hey all! Happy Monday!!

Last week, I had an epiphany when I crawled out bed late one morning with a feeling I quite couldn’t describe. You know that moment when you walk out of a building thinking you left your phone somewhere in a store, and it’s actually in your hand? It felt like that kind of a rush- like a piece was missing for a second. Even though the sky was clear, and it was the start of a new day in Massachusetts, I couldn’t l help but realize that I was progressively adult-ing. It hit me like a block of cement- I’m not a little peg in a car lying on a board game. I’m not the kid wishing for adulthood anymore- I am the adult. Ironically, I have taken care of myself for the most part since senior year of high school. Really, the whole nine; knowing transportation in the area, groceries, and maybe writing a few checks.  I got started earlier- and I’ve been here, moving steadily down this road for at least solid year. It’s different- because this is real life.  There a different type of work. Not solving linear geometry problems- figuring out which bus goes north, or which is the best class to sign up for because it will coordinate with the rest of my schedule. It’s certainly harder. Telling you to “live in the moment, do your best” could be one way to end this…but I’m going to relay some advice from someone who has inspired me. It’s going to be hard. They said that today would be the hardest of our days- our teachers and mentors were right. But right now is not only the hardest, it is the best. We are in college, or in a place where learning new things, and the way we act will determine who we’ll be. What we will do- What the rest of our lives will look like.

So yes, I am an adult- figuring out what the hell I want to do. My summer classes don’t start until June- so I am applying for jobs- working on making myself better. Trying to practice French because I’ll never know when I may need it.  So, yes. My life will get harder- yours will too. Once we graduate, we don’t have anyone to fall back on. Finding jobs, apartments- finding ourselves. It’s us against the world.

Let’s show em’ our best- taking tomorrow by storm.

But don’t forget to live it up- always.