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Here’s Where I’m Planning To Go This Fall:

Happy Wednesday people!

I’m really pumped for this new semester- as well as the new year approaching! As y’all know, I’ve always had the ‘travel bug’. A bad case of wanderlust, whatever you want to call it. As a writer, I’ve got a million places I want to go and visit- and much to my dismay, I’ve never even left the country.

I named my blog The Resilient Girl, so I thought I’d make a few trips by myself to places I haven’t been before! And hey, I may be a poor college student with three more years to go, but I’ve got some great ideas, and big plans for the future. What else is a travel writer to do?

Sometime in the coming months, I’m traveling to Cleveland, Ohio! My brother and I were going to go together, but we never found the time.

I’m going to spend the weekend there, and hit a few tourist attractions, like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! There’s plenty to be explored, and I’ll be sure to post some photos, and write up a fresh article.

Honestly, I can’t wait…It’s been too long since I’ve gone on the road.

All my love,


Molly Catherine ❤

Why Global Warming is Truly An Issue: 

Hey all!

Hoping everyone has had an eventful week- I sure have. ( I was supposed to write this a week ago, BTW.) While catching up with friends and enjoying the summer, I have also been progressively working on my memoir, which is coming along slowly. More importantly, I have taken the time to read a few articles on global warming, and environmental issues.

The hard truth is: The world is in the toilet.

I’m writing a piece on global warming because I didn’t just want this blog to revolve around me. Although my opinion does hold a bit of substance now that I am FINALLY an adult, Global Warming is a serious concept that needs to be addressed. So here are some facts:

  1. It is majorly caused by US.

Whether you threw your soda can out the window on the highway, or just missed the garbage and were too lazy to pick up your mess, you had a major effect on the environment. That’s right- people not cleaning up after themselves has major consequences. This is also an issue on a wider scale- take a look at the 2010 BP Oil Spill. Over 82,000 animals and variations of marine life died after 200 million gallon spilled in to the Gulf. That was us as people being careless, and we need to be held responsible. Not only the significant numerous oil spills into our oceans, but other things like how we dispose of our trash. What about the giant piles of garbage floating around in the ocean? Staten Island is basically floating on a pile of trash. What’s worst is there is there isn’t a beach on this planet that is completely free of trash. It’s pitiful- which brings me to number 2:

2. The temperature of the planet is rising steadily.

Summer isn’t the only season that is getting hotter. Wintertime is warming up at a frightening pace. Th polar ice caps are melting, and polar bears are floating to London! I believe I have made a reference to this terrible event; and as it may seem ironic in a few ways, the reactions people should have are terror, and fear. If a polar bear, from the Arctic, drifted over on a chunk of ice, doesn’t that raise at least a few questions? It’s common sense. The ice caps are breaking apart. They’ll continue to melt until there is nothing left. What about the other species of mammals and animals in the poles? All over the planet? We need to take action because we are hurting animals and beings on the planet. The truth is we aren’t taking care of our planet. You can say it any way you want, but there isn’t a way to justify it. Littering to Global Warming, and to our use of energy and gasoline.

So we’re all hurting our planet. What are you going to do?

Comment or message me on what you think could happen in the future or with ideas to help better our planet, and save places and things that need our help.

Love always,

Molly Catherine ❤

7 Tell Tale Signs You Are From Maryland

Even though I love the New England area, and moving up north was one of the best decisions I have ever made, being able to tell people that you are from Maryland is actually pretty great. We show a great deal of pride for our state, and we do so enthusiastically. We have character, and we are usually outspoken. Here is a list of things that if you’re from the DMV area, chances are, you’ll understand most of these little quirks that we have here in Maryland.

1.You own a pair of Maryland flag shorts

Seriously, those brightly colored, busy shorts are a fashion disaster waiting to happen, but still 100% the best possible thing anyone could own in their closet! Bonus: wearing them to a sporting event; you’ve gotta go out and support those Terps!

2. And you aren’t ever afraid to show your Maryland pride

If you grew up in Maryland, spirit shouldn’t be a stranger to you; it’s time to get pumped about sports games, and basically everything that includes showing statewide charisma. You guessed it; Washington Capitals, and Wizards and Baltimore Ravens, and Orioles are a major part of Maryland sport culture. Not only do we love Maryland, but Washington D.C. is right up the road!

3. You season EVERYTHING with Old Bay

Mac and Cheese? Check. Crabs? Definitely. Turkey, chicken, and basically every other food? Of course. It’s not complete if it doesn’t have Old Bay…

4. You even abbreviate the county you live in

Where am I from you may ask? The one and only MO-CO! Which brings us to #5…

5. You refer to the Washington D.C. area as the “DMV”

This is a funny one, because people that don’t live in MD or Virginia never understand why this something people say. One of my friends who goes ECSU and isn’t from the “DMV area,” (See what I did there?) was confused at first because she thought everyone was saying ‘The Department of Motor Vehicles.’ Now we can answer the phone and be like, “Hey, just guess who got back to the DMV area!”

6. Fresh Fruit is a must when it is in season

Even if you don’t live in Maryland, our farms and orchards are the best for going apple or strawberry picking, especially in the Fall. Make sure you stop at a farm to sip some cider and pick some fruit!

7. You may or may not know about the original state sport

Yep. You guessed it- Jousting. We’ve been rocking the individuality and brilliance since ’62. Not only is jousting uncommon, but it is actually really interesting. I had to do a bit of research, but Jousting is basically mounting a horse, and then fighting with pointy sticks, also known as lances. So, yeah, medieval martial arts on a horse.

I hope my energy and passion towards Maryland has you thinking about how very amazing our state is. I want to emphasize that no matter where in Maryland you are from or live, you should be proud that you come from a lively state that has such charisma. And hey, it isn’t the shorts and the county you live in that make our state special, it’s the people that reside in our state. It is the residents that wear the colors of our flag with pride, and the people from Ocean City, all the way to Rockville. That we are proud of where we come from. That is what matters. Keep being awesome, Maryland!

Love Always,



Five Places to Visit Before You Die      

No matter how many books I read, or movies I watch, seeing the Eiffel Tower on screen or reading about skyscrapers around the world will never be enough. I haven’t been out of the country ever, and I really want to travel the world. I want to eventually live abroad and experience all of the moments that come with going to far away places…here are five places that are on my bucket list.

1. London

Going to London should be on everyones’ list, because of all the history placed in the city. The buildings built hundreds of years ago can stand next ones built twenty years ago; there’s a lot to see as a tourist, like her majesty’s palace, as well as Big Ben; then there’s the other modern, newer but still just as lively parts! No matter what, you need to hit up London at least once in your life. I personally need to go shopping Harrods! Fish and Chips, anyone?

2. Dubai

I was in Union Station in D.C. sitting at a table outside a Shake Shack kiosk, when a man asks to sit across from me. We eventually start talking, and it turns out he had travel all over the world! He recommended I go to Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. It’s futuristic, sleek city. Everything is almost brand new. From the gorgeous beaches, to Burj Khalifa (minus Tom Cruise climbing up the sides) you’re sure to have a ball!

3. Paris

They say it’s the city of love, and every person’s dream- this particular European city is definitely a must especially if you are traveling with your SO! The romance is amped up pretty high in Paris, with the dim lit classiness, and dozens of roses waiting to be bought….and it is also just as historic as England, as the artwork is spectacular! The food is great, the streets full of romance… what’s not to love?

4. Melbourne

Sydney may have the Opera house, but Melbourne is home to beaches, and the downtown area seems trendy. I have couple friends that have traveled to Australia on a holiday, and they absolutely loved everything about it! The only thing they found odd was the fact that they don’t have a lot of the “brand foods,” like Kraft; which I think seems great! It gives you a chance to get healthy, as well as go outside your comfort zone!

5. Cairo

If London and Paris don’t have enough history already, then you should certainly head to Egypt! It’s got pyramids, and the legendary Sphinx, which is a statue the head of a human, and the body of a lion. There are ancient ruins to explore, and try to read hieroglyphics, even if you only speak one language! Furthermore, there’s plenty of culture to experience; not to mention great food!

Statistics show that most people want to travel the world, but they don’t actually go for their dream because of one reason that seemed to be stated quite often: money. Yes, it’s true you can’t travel the world without a significant amount of funds; but if you do have enough that makes it possible to travel for a year or so, you should go for it! I learned a lesson a while ago that if you have a dream, or something you want to do, you should follow your instincts. Life is way too short to have regrets. After all, John Lennon did say, “Life is what happens when you are making plans.” Don’t let it pass you by.



Happy National Shrimp Day all!

As a New Englander who loves seafood, this is the perfect intro to a crazy holiday…as well as summer! Here’s to creating bucket lists, going to the beach, and sipping those yummy Pinā Coladas’ and Daiquiris!  As for me, I have created the ultimate Summer Bucket List which has me busy all summer long!

  1. Go to a Bonfire Party

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of Rock and Roll music AND parties. The king of partying, Andrew W.K., may have me beat by a few years and even more venues, but that won’t stop me from attending a bonfire! Better get those matches, s’mores and that whiskey…(What happens at bonfires stays at the bonfire.)

2.   Go Paint-Balling

OK, this one I might actually have trouble finding friends that actually want to join in, but I have never actually gone and I do think it would be great outdoor summer activity–minus the possible welts and bruises on my legs!

3. Take Some Really Great Landscape Photos

There’s a kind of rush you get from taking a great photo. Maybe it’s the fact that you stood there to document it, or that the view of the sky that day is seared your brain forever. The beach and forests are my favor clouds or not, the ‘scapes deserve to be captured on camera!

4. Learn a Bit of a New Language

Since I won’t be able to go international during summer break, and I’ll probably be taking some summer classes, I thought I’d learn and pursue something strictly because I wanted to. I’ve been working on my French, but I really have always wanted to be able to speak Arabic. Learning some basics on my own time might be a great way to pass some time!

5.  Write/ tell a story worth remembering.

I’ve got my blog I’ve started, and I’ll keep working at it,  but there’s always stories that need to be told. I want to find something great to tell the world. Maybe an expose, or somethings simple that has turned into a complicated one. Let me know if you’ve got ideas, or if there’s a story you think is worth telling!

Whether it be dancing in the middle of nowhere, or hiking to the summit of a cliff, or floating around in the Atlantic with a giant grin on my face, I want to make this summer amazing. I’m a big fan of the unforgettable- so here’s to making the Summer the best that we can.

C’est la vie!

Love always,